Markus Egger, founder of SIMEGG GmbH, attended the Swiss Aviation School (SLS) in 1993, and has felt at home in any number of different cockpits since the autumn of 1993.

He was entrusted with training tasks at a very early stage, and has a considerable level of experience as a Flying Instructor in a wide range of different aircraft and in many differing areas of aviation.

His professional career has been exceptionally interesting and varied.
He is part of a small circle of pilots who have flown in single engine aircraft over the North Atlantic, who have flown scheduled flights with leading airlines in Europe, as well as in VVIP cockpits in extremely remote regions.

As a Flying Instructor, he had the privilege of being able to train students from different cultural groups.
Among others, he has trained Russian, Indian and Japanese crews, which means he is also very good at interacting with students without any sense of prejudice.

Professional Experience:

-          Crossair / Avro RJ 85, 100, Training Captain

-        Pilatus Aircraft Ltd / Demonstrationpilot

-          Edelweiss Air AG / SFO A320, A330

-          Comlux Aviation AG / TRI, Lead Captain, Technical Pilot A320 / A330

-          Airbus UK / TRI A320, TAG Aviation / PIC A319CJ 


In addition to his professional flying, he has also been an active and successful participant in aerobatic competitions for many years, and has a passion for reading and writing.